RHEE Dongshick, M.D. (Korea)
- Founder of Taopsychotherapy
- Honorary President of the Korean Academy
of Psychotherapists
- http://www.happynp.co.kr/English
Peter Kutter, M.D. (Germany)
- Training and supervising analyst, German
and International Psychoanalytic
- Professor of Psychoanalysis of the
Department of Psychology at the Goethe-
University of Frankfurt am Main
Allan Tasman, M.D. (USA)
- Professor and Chairman of the Department
of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at
the University of Louisville since 1991
- Faculty member of the Cincinnati
Psychoanalytic Institute
- Author or editor of a number of psychiatry
books including senior editor of the first and
second editions of a comprehensive
textbook,"Psychiatry"(2003) and senior
author of "The Doctor-Patient Relationship
in Pharmacotherapy"(2000)
LEE Zuk-Nae, M.D. (Korea)
- Professor of the Department of Psychiatry
at Kyungpook National University since 1978
- Trained as Jungian analyst and
- Philosophical Faculty in Zurich University,
- Training and supervising analyst of C. G.
Jung Institute of Korea since 1998
Norbert Vogt, Ph.D. (Switzerland)
- Psychotherapy, trained at the C.G.Jung-
Institute and the Insti-tute of
Daseinsanalysis, Zurich Training analysis
from Medard Boss, Zurich, Switzerland
- Child and Youth Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic
in Chur
- Philosophy and theology at the Gregorian
University in Rome, counseling at Iona
College, Ph.D. Fordham University, New
York, N.Y.(USA)
Vijoy K. Varma, M.D. (India)
- Visiting professor of Psychiatry, Columbia
University, USA
- President of the Indian Psychiatric Society
- Past president, American Psychiatric
- United States representative to the World
Psychiatric Association Board of Directors
Erik Craig, Ed.D. (USA)
- Studied with the existential psychoanalysts
Dr. Paul Stern (1979-1989) and Dr. Medard
Boss (1985-1989)
- Professor in Psychology at Assumption
College, the University of New Mexico, and
Pacifica Graduate Institute
- Editor of 'Psychotherapy for Freedom :
The Daseinsanalytic Way in Psychology and
- Past president of the International
Association for the Study of Dreams and the
Division for Humanistic Psychology of the
American Psychological Association
KANG Suk-Hun, M.D. (Korea)
- Professor of the Department of Psychiatry
at Kyungpook National University (1970-
1997), and Professor Emeritus since 1997
- President of the Korean Academy of
- Visiting fellow, Columbia University and
Mount Sinai Medical Center, USA (1978-
- Council member of the International
Federation for Psychotherapy since 1994
Jagu Kang, M.D.(USA)
- Graduate of the Long Island Institute of
Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, New
York in 1994
- Zen teacher approved by Zen master,
Seung San, in 1980
- Author of several articles on comparative
study of Zen Buddhism and western
- Practicing cardiologist
- Secretary of the WHO Transcultural
Psychiatry Section(1999-2002)
Julian Boulnois, M.D. (Australia)
- Author and journalist
- Fellowship of the Royal College of
- Fellow of the Royal Australian and New
Zealand College of Psychiatrists
LEE Dongsoo, M.D. (Korea)
- Professor of the Department of Psychiatry
at SungKyunKwan University
- Member of the American Psychoanalytic
- The Psychoanalytic Institute of the New
York University Medical Center (1985-1990)
HUH Chan Hee, M.D. (Korea)
- Psychotherapy training as
Taopsychotherapist in Korea
- Training and supervising psychotherapist of
Bugok National Mental Hospital
- Board member of the Korean Academy of
RIM Hyo-Deog, M.D. (Korea)
- Professor and Chairman of the Department
of Psychiatry of Kyungpook National
- Visiting professor of the University of
Sharon Summers, MSocSc, MNZAC (NewZealand)
- Studied counselling with WelTec(NZ) and
University of South Australia
- Wrote paper on Taopsychotherapy,
'Empathic Resonance: Upon hearing an
echo of Spring'
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