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Critical Issues in the Psychopharmacotherapy for Mood Disorders
09:00-10:30 Chair YOON Doh Joon, M.D.
  Presenter CHAE Jeong-Ho, M.D.
    New strategies in the pharmacotherapy of anxious
depressed patients
  Presenter KIM Chan-Hyung, M.D.
    Pharmacotherapy of major depression with cardiovascular
  Presenter HA Kyoo-Seob, M.D.
    Pharmacotherapy of bipolar depression
Special Lecture
10:45-11:45 Chairs MIN Sung Kil, M.D.
  Presenter Allan Tasman, M.D.
    Using the therapeutic alliance and psychotherapeutic
techniques to improve treatment outcome in
  Discussants RHEE Dongshick, M.D.
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