The Essence of Taopsychotherapy in Comparison with Western Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis  
The Essence of Taopsychotherapy in Comparison with
Western Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis

RHEE Dongshick, M.D.

The therapist with his personality brings spring to the patient who is shivering in a frozen land.
- RHEE Dongshick

The essence of Taopsychotherapy is to bring spring to the patient who is shivering in a frozen land. To achieve this, the therapist must purify his mind(). This is Non-doing(wu-wei) of Laotzu, emptying mind(sunyata) of Buddhism, no projection(countertransference) of psychoanalysis.

Taopsychotherapy is the fusion of Tao with western psychoanalysis and psychotherapies(Daseinsanalysis, Existential analysis, Client-centered therapy, Transpersonal psychotherapy and Spiritual theological psychotherapy). These western psychotherapies are the results of the influence of the Tao and they are heading towards Tao, which is the reality, no projection, no transference, mature personality, no theory(concept), no technique, nondoing, emptiness, compassion, Jen, God's grace, empathy and self-control.

In the west, psychoanalysis moved from metapsychology to clinical theory, experience near, intersubjectivity, relational theory and contextualism. But still there is theory and technique. Taopsychotherapy is to achieve perfect empathy by removing "Nuclear Feelings(something stuck in the chest, ڪ)." Tahui said ca. 1,000 years ago that if you remove "something stuck in your chest," you are enlightened. Client-centered therapy could be called as Taopsychotherapy. No theory and technique. There is only pointing to the patient's mind. Behind something stuck in the chest, is "Nuclear Feelings(ڪ)."

Nuclear Feelings, purification of mind(elimination of Nuclear Feelings, ) and compassion (empathy) are 3 key words of Taopsychotherapy.

Western psychiatry and psychotherapies evolved from description, explanation, interpretation, understanding(objective observation) to empathy (subject-object congruence) but still bound to theory. Taopsychotherapy is the cure for addiction to theory and technique of western psychotherapy.

Curative factorspersonality of the therapist, concern, love(Freud), therapeutic Eros(Seguin), desire to help (J. Frank), change by feeling, Sorge(care) of Heidegger and empathy, all these converge on compassion.

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